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History of St. Anthony of Padua Church

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Memorable Dates:

April 19th, 1908: First religious ceremonies for the Italians in St. Francis Church.

May 24th, 1908: A chapel situated on Murray St. was rented for use by the Italian Community.

October 11th, 1908: Msgr. Duhamel makes his canonical visit to the chapel on Murray St.

February 12th, 1911: Msgr. Gauthier, Archbishop of Ottawa, visits the Italians in their chapel.

May 21st, 1911: Msgr. P. Stagni, Apostolic Delegate, visits the Italians in their chapel.

September 15th, 1912: Msgr. P. Stagni blesses the Banner of the Italian Society: "Fratellanza St. Antonio" now known as Figli d'Italia.

It was during the Paschal season of 1908, when several Italians came to Confession that Fr. Fortunato noticed that they had not sufficient knowledge of their Catechism and he made up his mind to instruct them. There was a certain young man (17 yrs. old) named Domenico Nasso said to Father: "If I bring 15 men here Easter Sunday, will you preach to us?" Father had to refer first to the Bishop and the result was the founding of the Mission.

Shortly afterwards, Father visited all the families and on Easter 150 Italians assisted in the ceremonies. That happy day of April 19th, 1908 was indeed a day of Resurrection for the Italian  population of Ottawa.

With this modest beginning came the idea to build a small chapel for the Italians who had been attending services from 1908 to 1913 in a little chapel on Murray St.