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Pastor’s Corner

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Dear Brothers and Sisters of in Christ,

We celebrate, once again, the coming of God into our world to become like us, to experience everything we experience, to show what God is like, and to save us from the futility of a fragile existence. He humbled Himself, stepping down from the throne of heaven to one of the lowliest places He could go, to the life of a carpenter, an itinerant rabbi and preacher, a healer of bodies and souls, and to His eventual death on a cross. The good news of His coming is made more joyous in His resurrection, His triumph over sin and death.

We rejoice that the Son freely took this assignment out of love for us. Christmas shows us how much God loves us. He gave His only Son. Christmas, then, is about ultimate issues—of forgiveness of sins and of peace and reconciliation between God and men and women, boys and girls.  Most importantly, Christmas is about the restoration of our relationship with our Redeemer, Christ our Lord.